Pak vs Ban: Rizwan becomes world’s 3rd batter to make over 1500 T20 runs in a year

KARACHI: Pakistan’s top request hitter Mohammad Rizwan became on Thursday the third player on the planet to score at least 1500 T20 runs in a schedule year after his sublime innings of 78 from 50 conveyances against Bangladesh in the initial round of the three-sided series in New Zealand.

The other two holding this record are Chris Gayle and Rizwan’s comrade Babar Azam. Gayle had made 1532 runs and 1665 out of 2012 and 2015 separately and Babar 1607 out of 2019 and 1779 out of 2021.

During Thursday’s match, Rizwan crushed two sixes and stroked seven shots to the wall in his unbeaten innings which took his generally speaking T20 runs count in the schedule year 2022 beyond 1500.

Rizwan who had scored complete 2036 T20 runs last year, has up to this point scored 1519 runs this year in generally speaking proficient rounds of most limited design.

This was Rizwan’s 58th T20 worldwide innings and the score of 78 has taken him in front of Babar Azam in the rundown of most total pursues 58 T20I innings.

Rizwan has a total of 2337 runs from 58 global innings in T20s while Babar at this stage had 2281 runs. India’s Virat Kohli had 2012 runs from introductory 58 innings of his T20I profession.

The wicketkeeper-hitter has additionally outperformed Britain’s Jos Buttler in the rundown of players scoring most runs as assigned wicketkeeper in T20Is.

Of his 2337 runs, Rizwan scored 2196 runs as wicket-guardian in T20Is. He outperformed Buttler today when he took second run of his inning. Buttler has scored 2119 runs as wicket-manager hitter.

Rizwan has just 4 innings as non-wicket-manager in T20Is in which he scored 141 runs.

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